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A real estate agent will help you get through the entire process from start to finish. I will use my real estate experience to make the process as easy as possible.  An agent provides priceless knowledge and experience to the homeowner in many ways:  

  • The agent pays for the marketing and advertising costs.
  • The agent takes care of all showings.
  • The agent offers a network of our real estate professionals, and numerous buyers. This gets your property maximum exposure and also adds to the knowledge your real estate agent can provide.
  • The agent WORKS FOR YOU, and is on your side!
  • The agent will handle and advise on all price and negotiations.
  • The agent is open and honest, and will not hold back valuable information from you.
  • The agent gives a fair, realistic view of your home. The agent is a professional with experience that has no emotional attechment to the property.
  • The agent knows what questions you should be asking, and will ask them for you.
  • The agent is more likely to get truthful feedback from potential buyers, as the buyers will not hold back. This is very important in selling your home as quickly as possible.
  • The agent takes on the majority of the time it takes to buy or sell your home. Which makes the transaction as easy as possible, and allows you spend your time doing things you want to do.

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